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Kelly From BeAFunMum.Com and her family visited SSS Strawberry Fields as a promotional tour for the Burnett Region.

Here are some pictures of the Be A Fun Mum Family click here to read the full article from Kelly’s blog.

SSS Strawberries - Oakwood near Bundaberg

SSS Strawberries - Oakwood near Bundaberg - Strawberry picking
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Strawberry Festival

February 10th, 2010 by admin

If there is one fruit that people around the world unanimously love it is the strawberry. Known for its lovely colour as well as taste and health benefits, the strawberry also happens to be one of the most popular fruits in the United Sates. Keeping this in mind plenty of folklores as well as events and strawberry festivals have been part of the celebration, cultivation and popularisation of this fruit.

In recent times strawberry festivals have attracted a lot of attention. Such festivals are part of the strawberry growing and loving culture around the world. In fact this has become a great opportunity for attracting attention of tourists who happen to love strawberries too.

In the United States, California and Florida are known as the biggest producers of strawberries. With California alone contributing to 83% of the countries total production, the strawberry festivals held in both these states are given great prominence and attract a lot of people in the form of national and international tourists as well as strawberry lovers, who come here to try out the different varieties as well as enjoy the spectacle. Strawberry festivals like, ‘Plant City Florida Strawberry Festival’ and ‘The California Strawberry Festival’ are examples of popular festivals which attract a lot of people world over.

Plenty of strawberry growing towns in North America celebrate the festival as a part of their culture of producing and marketing strawberries. As a first timer, if you want to enjoy the experience of attending a strawberry festival, you might expect a lot of fun and frolic besides of course sampling a large variety of strawberries.

Most of the strawberry festivals are held in late spring, which is the time for harvesting the crop. Dates and time for such individual festivals are available well ahead in time, in case you want to participate.

Most of these festivals are basically a type of agriculture fair, which showcase the produce, which here is the strawberry. The main aim of such strawberry festivals is of course to showcase the different varieties of strawberries grown in the area and an attempt to connect the growers directly with the customers too. What probably initiated with the intention of commerce has today out grown to become a venture that is not only commercially attractive but also a lot of fun for tourists who are there to have a good time.

A strawberry festival offers you the chance for buying not only the best quality strawberries but visitors are also delighted at the number of delicacies that are on offer primarily made of strawberry. You can also join contests, sample tempting dishes and enjoy the parades or the theme based decorations which are all a part of the celebrations. Apart from showcasing a great produce, strawberry festivals mostly bring together cooking and art inspired by strawberries. You might sample here strawberry cakes, jams, pastries, whipped cream with strawberries and various other fascinating and scintillating products that will make for a great experience.

Such festivals have gradually taken the shape of great family outings where the entire family and people of all age groups find something or the other to enjoy. The festivals additionally also feature rides, art and craft displays, other agricultural and far products on display, contests and much more in the form of entertainment.

The strawberry festival is an occasion for different farmers both big and small to showcase their produce as well as a great opportunity for young kids to know more about gardening and agriculture in general. It is also a golden opportunity to buy the best strawberries directly at a much cheaper price directly from the farmer.