Different uses of Strawberry


One of the most beautiful fruits, the strawberry in spite of its luscious looks has more to it than only looks. This lovely fruit is in fact multifaceted and has more uses than you might have thought of. Apart from the different uses of strawberry, you can eat it any way you want too. Strawberries can be eaten fresh, cooked or frozen too. You might experiment with the fruit in the form of different recipes or add it to smoothies, sorbets, pies, jello and salads.

Most kids love strawberries because of their taste and colour, mothers love them too because its easy to try out different things with the strawberry and make the food look extra delicious. Though best eaten fresh, you could have frozen strawberries too. Try running them in cool water and sprinkle a dash of sugar dry sugar or honey to make they taste really yum. Talking about the different uses of strawberry, the fruit can be added to your morning dose of cereal or to the after dinner dessert. It not only adds a beautiful flavour and taste but also jazzes up the look quotient of your dish.

You could try out different uses of strawberry, especially during the summertime, during the holidays too. Make fresh jam or smoothies for your kids, they would love it. An excellent food for dieters, since it is low in calories, you could add it to your salads for great taste as well as looks. Children love strawberry toppings on their birthday cakes or simply a basket of freshly picked strawberries in their picnic baskets.


As we all know, there are different uses of strawberry making it a most versatile fruit. A good source of nutrients and vitamins the fruit is high on the list of health fruits too. Strawberries form a great source of vitamin C, fibre, and potassium.

While most of us acknowledge that strawberries make for great food, do you know that among the different uses of strawberry is also included beauty recipes. Yes! Strawberries have been known to enhance beauty. Use it in face packs or simply rub it onto the face for a beautiful glow and a healthier looking skin. Most beauty salons around the world have woken up to the fact that strawberries can add to more youthful looking skin.

Interestingly, health.com reports that strawberry can be used along with baking powder as a natural teeth whitener too. Amazingly so this combination is helpful in removing coffee and cigarette stains from your teeth. Indeed the beauty secrets of strawberry have been accepted and identified by Hollywood beauties too. Film star Catherine Zeta Jones is known to use the strawberry to whiten her teeth!

For gardening freaks, the strawberry has ornamental value too. Strawberry plants while easy to grow also add life and colour to your garden. Try growing these little berries in hanging planters and once they are full of fruits you could keep them either in the garden or bring in the planter to add colour to your d├ęcor.