Helping children learn how to grow Strawberry

If your kids have a green thumb, teach them how to grow strawberries. This could be a great pass time for them while allowing parents bond with their kids too. When you help kids grow strawberries, they also have a lot of fun besides becoming interested in gardening. Most children fall in love with strawberries, especially given the fact that they look as well as taste so good!

Growing vegetables together with kids in your garden can be quality time spent for all members of the family, and the kids actually love it, when they can mess round and actually plant their own saplings. While you help kids grow strawberries teach them how to place the plants on the soil, water the plants and tend on them once they are older.

If you thought helping kids grow strawberries, would be difficult think again. It’s an easy and fun process, lets see how. Strawberries are easily grown with kids and because they come in different varieties, you can pick one that suits your climate well.

While trying to help kids grow strawberries, remember that the process begins from choosing a plant that the child likes from the nursery. You’ll have plenty of choices if you browse through local nurseries; they would probably advice you on varieties that should grow well in your locality.

When you help kids grow strawberries, let them pick a healthy looking annual plant since it is less likely to have diseases. Growing strawberry requires sun; keep that in mind while planting the sapling. Before children can actually plant the sapling, they have to make the ground ready and this is usually the most fun part for them.

Help kids grow strawberries, by asking them to first measure and then dig holes for placing the plants. Depending on the space you have and how many plants you want make arrangements. Teach children that the strawberry plants should be placed approximately 14 to 18 inches apart from each other in neat rows that are separated by 2-3 feet each.

While helping kids grow strawberries, they also need to be taught how to maintain the plant and look after it once the planting has been done.
The strawberry plant needs to be watered every day. You can make this more fun for children by buying them their very own small cans with which they can water the plants. Show kids how to pinch off the plant runners for larger sized berries. From time to time guide children on how to thin the plants so that thin out the plants so that diseases and insects can be avoided.

Teach children to keep their plants healthy by keeping away pests and insects that are sure to pester the plant. Slugs and snails are commonly seen around strawberry plants. The children should be trained how to keep the plants free from disease and bugs.

Teach kids to remove the yellow and diseased leaves. They should also learn to pick the fruits before they start rotting. You might also help kids grow strawberries in their own pots. This can be done very effectively; one however needs to remember to place the pot in a place that has sunlight.

If you teach the children to take good care of their plants, it might yield them delicious berries all through the season. There is no other plant that is so much fun to grow in terms of colour and the fruits that it produces.