SSS STRAWBERRIES Featured On Industry Leaders

INDUSTRY LEADERS is an Australian television program sponsored by Foxtel to showcase Australian Agricultural Business Leaders.

This is where you will Meet real people with Real Passion, who through dedication and hard work became Industry Leaders. Be inspired by their stories as you follow their journey of how they came to be leaders in their industry.

SSS Strawberries was recently asked to be featured on Industry Leaders; it was a real honour.

The program was aired on Foxtel by the following dates and times:

Date: Tuesday 14th  October 8:00PM Channel: 173 FOXTEL

Date: Wednesday 15th October 3:00PM Channel: 173 FOXTEL

Date: Sunday 19th  October 3:00PM Channel: 173 FOXTEL


If you missed the program below are the two parts of the television segment.


SSS Strawberries Industry Leaders S04 Part 1


SSS Strawberries Industry Leaders S04 Part 2

Thank you for viewing we are grateful to share with you our journey.

We hope to take more parts as leaders in the strawberry industry and continue to it’s landscape.