Strawberry planting made easy

If you are keen on adding some fruits to your garden while beautifying it too, try planting strawberries. With a little bit of planning and care, this plant is indeed easy to grow and will give you rich dividends in the form of fruits and beautification value.

You can grow strawberries just about anywhere. If you have a garden you need to prepare a bed for the or else you can start planting strawberries in hanging baskets, window boxes or patio containers too. Before you go about the preparations for planting, decide on how many plants you actually need depending on the size of your family. A small family could happily make do with about 25 plants for their regular strawberry needs. A bundle of 25 plants could cost you anywhere around 8-10 $.

Usually strawberries are usually sold in bundles of about 25 plants. Get yourself one such bundle and start the process of planting strawberries. It is better to buy your plants from a reputed nursery or grower, this way; you’ll be assured of a healthy plant, a correct price, tips on planting and important suggestions on which variety would grow well in your circumstances. It is always to grow a variety that suits your locality and climate rather than go for exotic varieties that may not yield well.

There are basically three types of strawberries, these are:

– Musk strawberries
– Single crop plants, which bear fruit and ripen rather quickly( within few weeks)
– The day-neutral types which yield fruit all summer.

For about 25 plants you will need to prepare a double row which is about 25 feet long and 3 feet wide, this is enough space for the plants to grow. If you keep the row narrow, it is more practical since it allows you to reach between the plants while picking the fruit. Planting strawberries is usually done in early spring so it would be best to start preparing the bed during fall. Make a raised bed, for solving drainage problems, preferably in a place that receives plenty of sunlight.

Check out some handy tips for planting strawberries-

– While buying new plants arrive, be wary of the health of the plant; try to spot for damages to the plant. Ensure that the crown should look healthy.
– While planting strawberries space out each plant about one foot away from the other.
– The bed should be watered the bed well before putting the plants in them, this will help force out the air gaps too, leading to better plant growth.
– Make your planting hole big enough to accommodate the roots well. Remember to adjust the plant in such a way that the crown is placed at soil level.

While picking the strawberries from the plant, make sure that you remove infected or bad fruits as this could lead to diseases in other fruits too. It is important that after planting strawberries you also take good care of the plants. Keep them well watered and occasionally spray them with fish emulsion or with liquid fertilizers.