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Queensland Strawberry Association Community Award

Queensland Strawberry Grower’s Association Awarded SSS Strawberries
with a Community Award certificate for significant contribution to the community…

It’s always an honor to receive recognitions for efforts of any of your work. In this case, receiving a Community Award from the QSGA means a lot to SSS.

As a business owner and a working family man, the opportunity to contribute to the community is a blessing in it self. I am a true believer in “what you give is what you get” and “karma does do good to those who do good to others!”

On top of this I believe that giving is ultimate success secret. If I give and constantly give whether I am earning a $30k annual income or $100k annual income I am in fact training my subconscious mind to see the world in abundance. If I see the world in abundance then it means I believe that there’s plenty resources in the world for others and me whether it would be money or food, water, shelter etc.

This belief is a a well known belief now backed by many scientists and many well known authors world wide, if you want to learn more search  for “The Secrets”DVD and you will see! 🙂