Strawberry shop



Before the “Strawberry Shop” visitors can buy strawberries direct from the packing shed. As more and more visitors drop in they are able to walk away with some of the best strawberries selected by our professionals. Our professionals were careful with their selection of the finest fruits, their intentions were only to give our visitors strawberries that are THE BEST, ripe at maximum sweetness and are ready to eat now. This selection comes with years of experience, so our visitors are guaranteed the best tasting strawberries every time.

SSS Strawberries introduces “The Strawberry Shop” to Bundaberg in 2011. The Strawberry Shop was an idea like the apple Ipad, it was always on our minds just waiting to be developed. We wanted to create an area that is of fairytale and adventures. We wanted visitors to walk through the entrance and enter a whole new world like walking into never-land or the rabbit hole.
The shop is now ready for your visit.


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Available in store
– 500g punnets
– 1 kg punnets
– 2 kg boxes
– Jam strawberries
– 2nds
– Cold drinks

May to November – 7 Days – 7am – 5pm