Tips for picking strawberries


As we all know, strawberries are tender fruit, so while picking strawberries one has to be careful how you handle them. Let’s find out some handy tips on how to pick strawberries.

Picking strawberries can be great fun and it’s something the whole family can do together. Kicking off this trend, plenty of strawberry farms have come up with ideas that not only promote tourism but also make for a fresh change. The official strawberry picking season is usually around the seasons beginning April to June. Picking can be done fore a maximum of 4-5 days into their picking season.

While one might think that picking strawberries is easy, you actually have to know how to do it cleanly and carefully so that you do not cause damage either to the plant or the fruit. If you are out picking strawberries in a farm ask the owners to guide you about the best way of avoiding injury to the plant. You should be careful so that your knees and feet do not cause damage to either the plants or the fruit on the edge.

While picking, remember not to throw the fruit into the basket. Strawberries are tender fruits and bruise easily if not kept with care. If you want to bring along your own container for picking strawberries, make sure that the container is not very deep. Heaping strawberries one on top of the other more than 5 inches deep can bruise the berries, which are at the bottom. Ideally you could use either metal oven pans or plastic dishpans, which are not more than 3 inch tall. Large pots are usually good for holding fruit since they have plenty of space.

You would be well advised to pick those fruits only which are fully ripe and evenly coloured. While picking strawberries do not pick a fruit that is half ripe or discoloured. Since the fruit will not ripe once plucked, it will be wasted if you pick such strawberries. For a basketful of good berries, be careful to pick the chicest ones which are bright and plump and look ripe. In order to search for the good and choicest of berries use your hands to part the leaves so that the hidden fruits can be harvested.
Few handy tips for picking strawberries-

– Identify the berry you want to pluck
– Part the leaves in a clean manner and hold them back so that you can make a neat cut
– Hold the stem a little above the berry between your forefinger and the thumbnail, now pull the berry with a twist, but be careful to be tender, do not use excessive force, this may lead to damage to the other fruits.
– Be careful that your hands touch only the berry you are plucking be careful not to bruise other fruits.
– Once the stem is broken about one-half inch from the berry, roll it you’re your palm.

While you can pick strawberries at any time of the day, it is best to do so when the weather is cool. The early morning or cloudy days are the best. The fruit might become soft and bruised if the weather is hot. Once you finish picking strawberries put them in the shade.

Besides being fun, picking strawberries can mean bringing home the choicest fruits and healthier ones too than the ones you buy from stores. Also you have the option of choosing from a wide range about which fruit you would like to pick. Often the flavour of the fruit depends on its ripeness as well as variety too.