Welcome to SSS Strawberries

What You Can Expect From The Best Strawberry Farm In Bundaberg?

SSS Strawberries is dedicated to producing the highest quality of strawberries in the industry all over. SSS produces over 1000 tons of strawberries each year, providing Woolworths, Coles , IGA, Bi-lo and Audi Supermarkets with fresh A-grades nothing less.

SSS understands that when you, the consumers, buys our strawberries, you are actually not buying just simply “strawberries”, but infact you are buying the taste of REAL Strawberries (a taste of old that is now lost, those who eat strawberries now a days know what we’re talking about). You are looking for a Time Out from busy life, a time to self indulge. If not self indulgence, then you are looking to share this moment with your family and friends. We know how important this moment is, we want to make this moment the most excellent for you and your family, that is what keeps us up at night. So when it comes to buying strawberries from SSS you can be confident we have YOU in mind, and that you will always have an experience you can share.