Strawberry story

095 SSS

SSS Strawberries is a family run and owned strawberry farm. The farm is now ran by the 2nd generations of the Dang families’ Sons & Daughters, Victor, Tam, Toan, Gina, Trini & Rena. The family has enjoyed phenomenal growing success in 10 short years since relocating to Bundaberg with now over 140 acres under cultivation growing over 2.6 million strawberry plants making us one of the largest strawberry grower in Australia. Moving to Bundy from WA was a hard decision to make but a decision one has to make in order to expand the family business. The Dang Family has grown to love all that that Bundaberg has to offer from the wonderful fresh environmental atmosphere of the beaches, the Reefs, The farms to the fresh quality produce & fisheries and the quietness and the Summer Sun. The Dang Family believes Bundaberg will one day…

The Strawberry shop


Visit “The Strawberry Shop” at SSS Strawberries for the freshest strawberries you can find locally. We are open 7 days a week from 7am to 5pm during strawberry season – May to November.

Pick Your Own


Enjoy a whole family fun in the sun experience like no other. By Picking Your Own Strawberries you get to select the best of the best Fruits. If you can’t tell between the fruits, you can learn….



SSS Strawberries employs over 100 backpackers every year. No experience is necessary, we only recommend you are equipped with “will to work” and “hunger to make money”.



Workers at SSS comes from a diverse background, the majority are backpackers from overseas. Since they have traveled a long distant to work for SSS, we ensure their stay with us is low cost.